Sharing risk to help deliver vaccines everywhere

Sharing risk to help deliver vaccines everywhere

In the effort to vaccinate the world against Covid-19, developing an effective vaccine was only the beginning.

We now face the daunting task of distributing billions of doses, which requires a complex and robust transportation programme that can reach all corners of the globe, regardless of the quality of the local infrastructure.

This is particularly challenging when you’re dealing with a fragile vaccine that requires specific temperature and storage protocols to remain effective.

The team at Parsyl, who already offer data-driven insurance coverage for perishable goods, recognised that a new strategy for insuring these life-saving vaccines and other health commodities was essential to enable global health supply chains to meet the challenge and afford the risk of distribution.

Parsyl CEO Ben Hubbard explains: “Previously, insurance for global health commodities has been fragmented, expensive and difficult to source. Insurance contracts sometimes don’t cover risks associated with the sudden changes that can occur during a pandemic or other global health emergency. When insurance is available, it is limited to global transits and once ownership of goods transfers to local partners, it is often too hard for them to find insurance that they can afford.”

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